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Kim Harari

Certified Fitness Professional

Owner of KH FIT

Co-Creater of Come Alive 215.

Personal Trainer, Boxing Coach, Fitness instructor

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Kim Harari is a certified fitness professional located in the greater Philadelphia area. Kim believes that fitness is far greater than just physical movement.  "Fitness to me is a lifestyle. I truly believe that movement is one of the highest forms of self care. Moving your body while pushing your mind is a mental and physical challenge that requi a certain mindset, discipline and self-respect. Most importantly, movement gives us all an opportunity to grow our relationship with self and develop a deeper connection between one’s body and mind. "


Kim's goal is to help YOU develop a way to tap into that mindset, gain confidence, and create a vision; encompassing both your physical goals and overall well being. 


Her Why: Community, connection, impact.


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